I first met Lindsay five years ago when I first moved to Las Vegas. At the time, I wasn’t sure what to wear and I didn’t know where to shop, so I found Lindsay’s name and called her. She came over to my closet and went through my clothes with me….we looked at each item and determined whether the color was right for me, if the shape was right for me and if it was still in style. We agreed together which items would go to good will and which items were worthwhile keeping. It wasn’t an easy experience for me, but it sure was worth the effort. I was so glad to have my closet clean and ready for my improved look. Before Lindsay left me and my closet that first day, she took all my measurements so that she was ready for our next appointment…the shopping trip.
— Karen Illes, Marketing and Branding Strategist

Lindsay styled my wedding so that my three bridesmaids wore individualized, customized versions of the same dress. She coordinated the groomsmen as well as my mother’s and my husband’s mother’s outfits. Everyone looked really special and I make sure to shop with Lindsay every season.
— Dawn Merritt, Sales Executive

Lindsay taught me how to pack so that thirteen days worth of clothing fit into my carry-on and I had clothes for all contingencies. She also helped my wife pick out “special night” clothes that made my wife feel elegant, sexy and comfortable. BRAVO Lindsay!
— Brad Burns, Airline Pilot

Love for Lindsay

I just had to email you and thank you so much for our day shopping in Vegas, it was honestly the best shopping experience I’ve ever had - and let me tell you, it has changed me as a person, I feel transformed!

I decided to write this email today because it has taken me three weeks to pluck up the courage to wear my leather pants out but i have them on today and wow i feel a million dollars! I’m getting compliments from everyone all the time now, I get excited every night thinking about what outfit I’ll put on the next day :) and it’s all because of you!

I can just remember thinking back to our day how almost everything you pulled out in Arden B I said “no, no that’s not me that’s not me” to, but now when I look at myself in the mirror I think to myself “oh my god this is so me!” It’s like you found me the style I’ve always wanted to have.

So I guess I just wanted to say thank you, you’re a God send and next time Garret and I go back to Vegas I’ll certainly be asking you to take me out again.

I was just thinking, next time your updating your website or anything, please give me a call I’d be thrilled to give you a glowing testimonial
— Megan McGrath

I had a special concert to go to and Lindsay shopped for and put together a complete outfit from head to toe in two hours flat. She just has that “eye”, you know what I mean?
— Sherry Smith, Dental Hygienist

I was moving from one house to the next and my closet was screaming to be purged. Lindsay assisted me in eliminating what was ready to be eliminated and showed me how to combine items I never even considered. It was like shopping in my own closet. In the end, I have a closet that is organized, easy to create from and I know just what I need to shop for. I was prepared for a very SCARY experience, but Lindsay knows how to make you feel good about your assets and leaves the criticism for your mother-in-law.
— Laura Alcaraz, Software Executive

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