Style savvy
Personal Shopping

Did you think only stars need or can afford a stylist? Not true. Anyone can afford this service. Hate shopping? Love to shop but have no time? Tired of shopping with girlfriends who KNOW what you should buy?  Overwhelmed by choices and whatever is on the cover of the latest “In Style”?

I can shop WITH you, to show you what mistakes NOT to make. I'll teach you how to shop as a stylist would, with an eye for value and timelessness.  Or, if money is no object, I can show you what trends will flatter “YOU”. I can shop FOR you, so that you don’t have to spend your valuable time. I'll bring the clothes to your home, where you try them on at your leisure and I'll return what doesn’t work.

Either way, I'll make your life easier. You’ll look fabulous – with a lot less work!!!


A Shopping Trip with Connie

I met Connie at Saks Fifth Avenue where we shopped for clothing that would go from work to play. Spring clothes were on the floor and summer clothes were coming in so we had an enormous amount of choice, but I gravitated towards clothes that emphasized Connie’s slim build.  

Connie was a little nervous as many clients are because this was her first time shopping with a stylist and there was just so much to choose from. After chatting with her about her needs and likes, the nervous energy turned into excitement and we were ready to have some fun.


Because of her height and build, Connie needed clothes with strong lines, like Ellie Tahari or Hugo Boss.  To create a neutral palette that let Connie’s verve show through, I recommended she try a pair of cream colored slacks with a leather top and a python-stamped jacket.

We set her up in Saks’ largest fitting room and the sales associate and I waited outside to give her privacy and different sizes should she need them. Before long, Connie was modeling new outfits enthusiastically and feeling a true shopping “high”. She was thrilled to find pieces that made her feel confident, comfortable, and coordinated.


After some alterations this ensemble will easily fit Connie’s needs for years to come.  And doesn’t she look wonderful! She enjoyed the experience and loved the clothes we found together. In fact, she has already booked her next shopping trip. I think she will become a regular client!

A New Jeans Outfit for Karen

Karen wanted to update her look without making a radical change.  We met at Nordstrom, with Karen wearing jeans and a t-shirt that were too large and hid her perfect figure.  She was unsure about going to far “out of the box”.

I went with the same color profile  --- blue and grey --- but in a more flattering, modern silhouette versus the baggy, shapeless “uniform” she was hiding behind.  This new outfit helped Karen look taller, slimmer and younger.  She was thrilled to discover that finding the right new clothes out of an ocean of choices can have the same effect as losing 10 pounds.

In fact, Karen called the next day to tell me how her husband had complimented her updated casual look. She couldn’t have been happier!