Lindsay's LIKES

Having been a Las Vegas resident since 1990, Lindsay has acquired a great network of essential consultants that she couldn't live without.

She highly recommends their services to anyone - tell them Lindsay sent you!

  • Maria Monteiro - The Best Esthetician in Las Vegas. See her at Pure Liquid Skin Studio

  • Christy DiMaria – Hairstylist and Colorist at DiMaria Studio. It’s a family business, so you can ask for Tony, Peggy, Anthony (who is really hot!) or Mishele. 702-798-5666

  • Jill Jennings - Highland Photography - Helps "you" look like "YOU"!

  • Charissa Feathers – Lindsay’s go to gal for photography–about-town. Check her out on her Facebook Page

  • TS Tiara - Custom Wedding Headpieces & Hair Jewelry

Vegas Parent Newsletter - Article Archives

Lindsay has written columns for various publications, please find some of her archived articles here:

  • Vegas Parent - December
    Your Style Savvy guide to finding and giving the perfect gift for any occasion and recipient over the holidays. Lindsay shares how to give with style!

  • Vegas Parent - September
    Lindsay asks us to ponder what our closets say about us and explains how we can get in touch with our true inner style.

  • Vegas Parent - August
    Can we wear white after Labor Day? What do we wear for fall in Las Vegas? Lindsay has all the answers.

  • Vegas Parent - July
    Summer will be fading soon and Lindsay has great ideas on getting fabulous prices on basics for next summer and looks into her crystal ball for the color of fall.

  • Vegas Parent - April
    Time to put away winter and bring on summer! Lindsay helps you get your closet ready for the season of fun in the sun.

  • Vegas Parent - March
    Lindsay introduces herself and gives tips for quickly polishing up your spring wardrobe.

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