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Closet Makeovers

Have you ever walked into a closet full of clothes and KNOWN you had nothing to wear?

Have you ever KNOWN the pieces were there, but you just couldn't figure out how to put them together so that they looked different than last week? Have you ever KNOWN what to wear but not had the time, or desire, to shop?

Or, worst yet, have you ever watched a makeover show on T.V. and KNOWN that you could look better than those women if you only had the same kind of help?

This is where I come in. Let’s walk into your closet – 

I know that there are things hanging there that you haven’t worn since Eddie Murphy wore shoulder pads. I know that there are also things waiting for you to find just the right thing to go with them. I'll even bet you that you have at least one item with the price tags still on it. Everyone does – it is because we all keep making the same mistakes over and over.

I will show you how to stop making those mistakes. I will show you how to shop so that you LOVE and WEAR every piece you buy. I will show you how your “mistakes” can be altered and become “favorites”. I will show you how to accessorize so that “you” can become “YOU”.

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