Hola, you hip hautties!

I sure hope you all noticed that I haven't been blogging lately..........the reason is a switcheroo of fabulous web gurus (FWGs) and a reworking of the Style Savvy website.  If you didn't notice, now is a good time for you to catch up on past blogs and get ready for the unveiling!  My FWG will be rolling out the new website shortly and I know you're going to LOVE IT!!!!  You'll be able to get all the info you want about Style Savvy and BEING style savvy from the new site and you'll be able to "like" us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.  How fun is that??????   I will be starting to blog again on or around the 19th of March and I sure hope to see you (and all your friends) when we restart.  Remember, "trend" is today - "style" is forever!!!!

Glasses don't have to look bad!

Hi, you hot hipsters!

It occurs to me that some of my fabulous followers may be, as the French say," of a certain age "where such things as reading glasses become not just another accessory but a necessity. Is one of them you? Do you look at reading glasses as a momentary glitch in your perfection or as a necessary evil? Are you convinced that reading glasses are the exclusive province of librarians and second grade teachers in the 1950's? Think again! If you don't wear reading glasses, chances are you wear sunglasses at least and maybe even regular prescription lenses at times, instead of contacts. Well, either way, if one must wear them one should wear them with flair, panache and style. So which ones look best on you?

What style of glasses, reading, full prescription or sunglasses, depends on the shape of your face, along with your coloring. Thought you could just buy 'em at Smith's? Not until you know that face of yours and what makes it look stunning! So listen up! The wrong glasses can make you look like Mr. Magoo, whereas the right ones can give you more mystery than Jackie O and Greta Garbo combined. There are basically seven shapes of faces and which one you were born with determines which glasses will look like they were made for you. Hair-color and eyecolor will determine whether you want to boast a colorful plastic frame or stick with a neutral. So...got a round face? Rectangular glasses make your face look longer and thinner by breaking up the round. The second shape of face is the oval. Here you want an oval shape with the widest part of the oval being as wide or wider than the broadest part of your face. This gives your face a bit more width and dimension. See what we're driving towards? Not blending into the face but accentuating it. With the third face shape, the square, your chin, cheekbones and forehead are all in proportion with a fairly flat hairline. This shape of face benefits from wide horizontal or oval shapes to soften the jawline and create a bit more width. Shape four is the oblong, often mistaken for the oval but more squared off and with stronger features. This face requires strong shapes. Horizontal, round or cat's eye all work, as long as they are strong, not delicate. The right frames will make your face look shorter and wider. Another face shape and probably the most rare, is the true heart-shaped face. Broad, high cheekbones and a pointed chin need frames that are bottom-heavy, like some aviators,  to draw the eye below the middle of the face and add a bit of fullness. This shape of face can wear many of the wider, colorful plastic frames that are so on-trend. (Just don't spend too much on them unless you've got Kim Kardashian's shopping budget - this trend could reverse as quickly as it emerged!)

The last two face shapes are the diamond shape and the triangle shape, which resembles the heart but is much more angular. Because the triangle is half of the diamond, it seems reasonable that the diamond face will look good in rounded-bottom glasses, like a cat's eye, whereas the triangle face needs the strong square shape of a classic aviator. Both of these glasses shapes are all the rage right now and since these facial structures are so strong, they can wear color and pattern. In other words, if you have a strongly shaped face, forget those delicate little cheaters and bust out! If you need these glasses, they're as much a part of your wardrobe as your jeans and chances are you'll wear them even more often, so investing in them is not a waste.  Find frames you really like and have prescription lenses put in! You don't have to settle for what's on the rack at Costco! The traditional cheater probably looks great on those of you with round or oval faces and the slightly heavier ones with brighter colors can really rock an oblong or square face. But don't stop there. Grab a pair of Ray-Bans, you heart-shapes and triangles, and have colored cheater lenses put in at your optician's office. What a fashion statement - how stylish - how YOU!

So - not just for Chemistry teachers with steel gray hair and plaid skirts, right? The right glasses are just as necessary to your look as they are to your vision. Embrace your inner myopic! Glasses are as important as earrings! Sunglasses are the new Botox! (Ok, I may be going a bit overboard but I'm trying to stir you away from lens-complacency!)  Try 'em! And remember, "trend" is today, "style" is forever!

Daniel Day Lewis versus Flared Pants

Hello, haute hotties!

I frequently am asked a question that I think has great merit - "how do you know when a new look will become a classic versus just being another 'flash-in-the-pan' trend?" For example, how do we know that flares will always be a go-to standard, while cropped skinnies will come and go time and again? I evaluate looks in much the same way I evaluate movie stars (although with a lot less emphasis on the butt!). How do you know that Christian Bale will still be a box office draw in 20 years while Robert Pattinson is hopefully banking his cash against the day he stops being a teen idol? The answer, for me, lies in the broad range of the piece's, or the star's appeal.

Add Daniel Day Lewis
To me, Daniel Day Lewis is like a pair of bootcut jeans. He takes on a wide variety of roles, BECOMES each part to the extent that an audience forgets they're watching him and believes him to BE the character.  His age and looks (yum!) have little to do with the part (although, I dare you to watch Last of the Mohicans without oohing and aaaahing) except as they make it more believable. When backed by a good cast and a well written script, Daniel Day Lewis IS the movie. Similarly, a classic item of clothing like a pair of well made bootcut jeans is the foundation of an outfit. Paired with dressy pieces and accessories, it becomes an elegant ensemble. When put together with casual accoutrements, it is a go-to everyday look. How long its been in your closet or on the store racks doesn't matter: the classicism of the line and the fact that it blends with anything is what makes it a classic versus a trend.

The same can't be said for cropped plaid wool slacks or The Situation. Both are a hot topic in fall/winter 2011 but neither will become a classic along the lines of ballet flats or Clark Gable because you can never forget that they are what they look like - temporarily interesting but easily replaced. An outfit created around the cropped plaid slacks is like a TV show with The Situation...SO 2011. Compare that to flared, fitted wool dress slacks or Johnny Depp and it's obvious why they are enduring and seasonless - either one can carry an outfit or a picture alone but is a great addition to an ensemble, with pieces or actors of any age.

So, the next time you're trying to evaluate an article of clothing to determine whether it's a classic of a trend that you don't want to spend too much on, look at it this way. Is it the equivalent of high heeled black pumps, a pencil skirt or a khaki trench coat? Or is it Lindsay Lohan in 3-inch long satin shorts?  The answer will tell you if it's trend, which is today - or style, which is forever.

Vacation packing

Hi again, chic chicks! You know, I wasn't sure what I wanted to write about this week and then my hot hubby said "it's vacation time - and not everyone knows how to pack for a vacay without a steamer trunk!" And I realized he's right - I have many clients who call me in a tizzy, asking me to pack for them so they don't exceed weight limits or do permanent damage to their arms and hands, carrying 18 bags of unnecessary fashion! So I decided I would blog this week about effortlessly stylish travel, and I'm not talking about the Vogue magazine articles where you need one extra suitcase for the ball gowns. I'm talking seriously effortless, "one-suitcase,-pack-in-15-minutes," you know, EASY!

Let's plan a trip to a California beach town (this also works for Mexico, minus the sweaters. For the cooler destinations, plus some longer sleeved tops). You're going for a week, what do you do first? And no, the answer is NOT to run screaming from the room. 
  • Start with bottoms. Your travel outfit knee length jeans shorts are good for both directions with a clean, graphic tee for each direction (alternately, an IZOD or other polo is always appropriately nautical, as are striped T's in red/white or other fun colors). Either way, you need two.  
  • Jewelry is minimal so there's less to forget at the TSA harassment center...I'm sorry, I meant, security checkpoint. Gold or silver hoops are always effortlessly stylish and go nicely with the heaviest shoes you're taking (might as well wear 'em so you don't have to carry 'em!). I would pick the espadrilles or the wedges-easy to walk in. Two days down. Five days left.  
  • Obviously, swimsuits. But, you only need three. Two for fun-in-the-sun and one seriously hot one for hanging out poolside drinking umbrella drinks. One white eyelet dress works as a cover up for all of them, and one pair of flip-flops (I stick with white to match my coverup) does triple duty. 
  • Now you need cas clothes for daytime sightseeing or shopping and chic ensembles for evening. Well, a romper does double duty with your flip-flops during the day and your espadrilles at night. 
  • Two pairs of shorts with coordinating T's knocks down four more afternoons and the fifth one may call for a sundress or light summer skirt that also does double duty as a dinner date dress. Throw in two maxi dresses for those evenings when you want to up the ante and add a pair of gladiator sandals for them. Add one wrap - a pashmina or shrug.

That's three pairs of shoes, three pairs of shorts, two maxi dresses, five T's, three swim suits one romper, one cover up and a partridge in a pear tree!

Accessories, also known as "those which elevate us to the top of the food chain?"  Stud earrings for your bathing suits, the hoops for your casual outfits and some tribal long earrings for the evening...the purse you carry on the plane which could be a raffia or straw tote that doubles as a beach bag, and a fun clutch for those maxidresses. Don't forget a straw hat for poolside, beachside or drinkside! And, that's it!

I can easily get this lineup into a carryon but those pesky liquids usually require me to check a bag. Because wrinkles hang out in humidity, I roll my pieces instead of folding them and they pack tighter and smaller that way, leaving plenty of room for souvenirs and gifts for your stylist! You'll sail through your week in effortless style with a very "today" feel and no hassles about not looking "right." Got a specific destination that I didn't cover and you have questions about? Write back or email me at Lindsay@stylesavvyonline.com and I'll be happy to give you the stylish say so. Have fun! You'll look and feel perfect! And remember, "trend" is today, "style" is forever!

What is style?

Happy Monday, fabulous fashionistas! Today I wanted to talk about a subject near and dear to my heart - no, not Pedro Garcia shoes. Well, in a way.  Have you ever wondered...

Audrey Hepburn had style
What on earth IS "style?" Why do some people look just right when others just look wrong? It took me a long time to distinguish between terms, and it's not just because the English language has twenty five different words that are supposed to mean style. We talk about fashion, trends, looks, chic, in style, appearance, verve, panache...they all have to do with clothes and the way people wear them. Style is more than that. Take some celebrities we're all familiar with: Nancy Reagan was always chic, but Jackie Kennedy had style. Cher has panache, but Audrey Hepburn had style. Today Rachel Zoe is always trendy but Kate Hudson has style. So what the heck does the word mean?????

Style is intensely personal. If you put two bored, haughty models in the same outfit in the same room, other than giving everybody within breathing distance a complex, they would look the same. Now put that ensemble on Jennifer Aniston, for example, and it would look totally different. Why? Because La Aniston has style. She knows what looks good on her body, with her face and her coloring. She is comfortable with her body and in her own skin. She may not wear the same outfit twice but she always looks like Jennifer, because she uses clothes to enhance HER, instead of being a mannequin for the clothes. Get the difference?
"trends are "today," style is "forever!"
Jennifer Aniston knows what
looks good on her body 
Style is about knowing yourself and radiating that knowledge through what you wear and how you present yourself. It is all about authenticity. It means picking clothes and accessories that let the inner "you" shine through. Style expresses today's mood and desire to look and feel great without masking the essential "you." It all boils down to being comfortable enough to present "you" to the world, no matter what you're wearing.

Why do you care what the word means? That's an easy one. It's so that you will understand that fashion and trends exist ONLY TO BE ADAPTED TO YOU. It doesn't matter if gladiator sandals are the hottest thing since pockets on underwear! If you don't look or feel good in them, they will never express your personal style. Wear something that does! If you love the look of flirty floral dresses but on you they look like the white frilly paper on the end of a lamb chop bone, don't buy them. No matter how much you adore a trend, if it doesn't express "you" it's wrong. Adapt a trend to suit you, NEVER force yourself to adapt to a trend. Because, never forget - trends are "today," style is "forever!"

Hello from Style Savvy!

Hello, my stylish senoritas (and senors, I'm no sexist). When I wrote last time I really didn't know that my fabulous web guru (now to be known as the FWG) was going to drag me kicking and screaming into the 21st century by having me blog. Now I realize that I really should start at the beginning and tell you who I am, what I'm going to talk about, and why on earth you should read what I say.

My name is Lindsay and I have been a personal stylist since I could spell "credit card." A mother who made all my clothes in Chanel fabrics from Vogue patterns and a bossy streak a mile wide had me telling my little (I think we were about 6-years-old) friends "what not to wear," and advising Saks salesladies on how to dress mannequins. Living in New York and Paris didn't make me any more shy about expressing myself and, beginning with friends' weddings (let's never say I didn't think big from the beginning!) I started on this career that I didn't even know could BE a career. I sewed samples, I assisted window dressers, I worked as a makeup artist and, along the way, told everybody and their cousins what they should be wearing.

I know you don't want the sordid, sexy details - you don't, do you?  Do you? So let me just say I now live in Sin City, yes, fabulous Las Vegas, speak style for a living and have an FWG (see definition above, if you've forgotten ). Does that mean you should listen to me? Well, sure it does! I'm good at what I do - and if you don't believe me, just ask me! Seriously! Do you think only celebrities and lucky television makeover recipients deserve style tips?  Don't you ever think, "I could look that good if I had the help that she (or he) has?" Now you can, 'cause you do! I'm going to write about style; what it is, how to express it and how to help "you" become "YOU!" And if you want, you can write back and ask any and every question you've ever wanted to ask but knew would never get published in In Style. So get ready for some fun, and remember...trend is today, style is forever!

Let's talk style!

Well, Style Savvy fans, we are up and running here and will finally be able to talk style! 
And we thought it was appropriate to start with the basics of style-taking care of YOURSELF! 
How many of us really take good care of ourselves? Do you make time to workout? Great! But do you also take the time to clean your skin thoroughly? File off that two-inch thick callous on your heels or scrub the ashy dead skin off your arms and legs? There are so many demands on our time these days that most of my clients tell me that the details of personal care get lost in the shuffle. Why not take Independence Day as a day to promise yourself more care? 
If you don't feel like doing it yourself, let me tout you onto a great Las Vegas institution-Pure Liquid Skin Studio. This is, bar none, our favorite place in Vegas for facials, body treatments and massages- and the REALLY necessary stuff, like bikini waxes. We get all our body services done here by Maria Monteiro and Glad Hillman, and nobody EVER has a bad experience-unless you count having pubic hair ripped out by the roots! Still, if you can't do it yourself, the best person to do it is Maria! Give her a call at (702) 228-1110 and start your summer off "clean," fresh and more about "YOU" than it has been before. You'll thank yourself, feel good about yourself and start getting in touch with the "real" you, which is the essence of style. 
 And remember, "trend is today, style is forever!"