Five Easy Pieces - York Edition

Hello again! This time from York in northern England! My husband and I have been sightseeing like mad people, but I always make time to just walk and watch people! Style here in the North is much more utilitarian than in London, but I’ve seen some fascinating fashion even so. And for those of you who haven’t bought all your winter clothes quite yet, I’ve zeroed in on 5 pieces I still crave to fill the holes in my wardrobe - maybe they’ll call to you too!

1. A trench coat! I’ve always wanted one, but the opportunity to wear it in Las Vegas is infrequent. Still. It’s so versatile that it’s a raincoat,’s an overcoat,’s a style savvy purchase! Wear it for warmth, for rain, for looks-it’s an investment piece that will never go out of style. The classic, of course, is the Burberry trench but I saw a woman today wearing a bright red one and loved the look. Maybe it’s the weather up here, but bright colors are so cheerful and happy that I can’t resist. I even saw a short-sleeved version, along with several mid-thigh ones. To the stores, ladies!

2. If you read last week’s Fabulous Fashion Friday, you’ll remember that I’m in love with combat boots. I fell for the Donita combat boot printed in black crocodile from All Saints; it will be my go-to boot for fall/winter. Have you bought a pair yet?????

3. Flannel!!! I’ve seen it here in everything from shirts to shirt/jackets to pants and scarves. I brought one of my faves with me-the Madewell Bromley cotton flannel shirt/jacket and I feel right at home but still fashion forward. After all, there’s a time to blend in and a time to stand out! This piece lets me do both-and it’s wonderfully cozy as well. And it’s in my fave fall pattern....plaid!!!!

4. While I am seeing a lot of denim on the streets of cities and towns in England, by far the most chic way to wear it right now is in a very dark wash-and head to toe. So, for now I’ve taken my faded skinnies out of rotation and pulled out my dark straights and wide legged trouser cut jeans. With my combat boots I feel edgy but with a heel I feel dressed up and elegant. Paired with a leather blazer they’re cool and classic but with a denim jacket with a waist tie they’re modern and fresh. Doesn’t that sound like a great outfit? And the belted denim jacket can be worn with so many skirts and pants, it’s a stylish addition to a wardrobe; as part of a head-to-toe look it’s a real eye popper!

5. Fashionistas in the UK have jumped all over my favorite style of blouse-the lady blouse with a high neck. I walked into Ganni in both London and York and saw them in animal print, metallics and a color-blocked one in black, olive and caramel that I’m eyeing-I may still go back and get it. Whether it’s in silk, cotton or polyester, these tops look great alone......or under a denim jacket, leather blazer or trench coat!

So! Five additions to a wardrobe that you might like to consider. At Style Savvy we’ll be enjoying them all fall and winter and you can too. They’re all re-imagined takes on classics that have been around for a long time and are proving that “everything old is new again”. Just remember, “trend” is today but “style” is forever!

Extra Style Credit

Burberry has a great page on the Evolution of the Trench. A quick read with great photos - check it out!