Showering Anytime Soon?

I just threw a bridal shower at my house, along with my co-hosts, Lue and Karen.  We had such a blast and the bride was so pleased that I thought I would tell you about it-just IN CASE you were planning on throwing one or attending one!


We stuck to the bride's color scheme of red, black and white with red roses and candles, white baby's breath and candles and black ribbon, napkins and candles.  (Anybody getting the idea that I love candles?)  Sticking with the bride's wedding colors takes a huge burden off of how to decorate and allows you to get a little funky, like adding sprigs of rosemary to be the greenery in the flower arrangements ( wow, did that smell good!) and twining red, white and black ribbons around the candles, along with pearls and more rosemary.  We even dressed in red and black!  (And, ladies, if you're going to or giving a shower, DON'T wear your gorgeous two hour heels without having a stand-by pair to slide into when you hurt!)  


We spent a lot of time discussing the wedding ( duh! ) and particularly what the mothers would wear.  I reminded them to bring pashminas or boleros in case of over-air conditioning and to have spare shoes along for dancing.  We also put together a kit of essentials for the big day-pads to remove deodorant stains, dental floss and mouthwash, hairpins and needle and thread, touch up makeup and, most importantly, WATERPROOF MASCARA!!!!!   


By the time our guests left, I had given some advice on what guests should wear, like doing their own riff on the bride's colors by wearing pink to complement the red or grey or silver to sparkle against the black.  

Personally, I'm wearing a light grey dress and a headpiece from TS Tiaras because, as Coco Chanel would have said, "in order to stand out in a crowd, one must always be different"!