Personal Style Reality Check

What does that bag hold?  Carolina Herrera

What does that bag hold?
Carolina Herrera

Just a few days ago I was shopping at Las Vegas’ Premium Outlet Mall and I stopped to look at a display of mini bags, the new “it” bags for the supermodel/Hollywood crowd. They looked adorable! Then I tried to fit ANYTHING into one. I took cash and credit cards and driver license out of my wallet, added my car key and some tissues and I was out of room. No cell phone, no pen, no makeup (even a lipstick!) and no business cards. So much for that idea. This reminded me (as if I needed reminding) that slavishly following a trend is a BAD idea. And yet, people do it all the time. At Style Savvy, I try to teach clients to celebrate THEMSELVES; the authentic, unique individuals that we all are. Thinking outside the box is great but blind devotion to a trend doesn’t allow you to express yourself. Know what I mean?


We’ve all dreamed over the pages of a magazine in which the bodies are perfect, the clothes perfectly styled and the shoes .....well, let’s just say the shoes are drool-worthy. For a minute, fantasies dance in our heads. Buying that sweater will make me look like Kendall Jenner. Those jeans will turn me into Jennifer Lopez. And my personal favorite- those shoes will make me look the same as ......(insert name of your favorite actress). Let’s look at the facts, though, and why buying today’s trend won’t make you happy.

I am not 5’11”. I weigh significantly more than a supermodel. And I don’t remember the last year I made 50 million dollars, largely because it’s never happened. Yes, many of you can afford to buy the jeans ( if you wanted to ) but should you?


Do Kendall and Jennifer dress like this all the time?


There are MANY trends out there that flatter NOBODY but the 5’11” 115 pound model who’s wearing them. Sure, anybody can buy the hot mini-bag, but do you have a personal assistant to carry the tote that contains the stuff you REALLY need? I can put on the jeans that Taylor Swift is wearing but until I grow 5 inches and lose 30 pounds, they’re not going to compliment my body. Isn’t fashion meant to make each individual look and feel their best? So what do I do if I can’t wear the latest trend?


Ms. Aniston in real life. Those shoes look pretty flat!

Jennifer Aniston at work. Would that we all had that many helpers!


Fashion exists only to express your personal style. If it doesn’t, adapt it to you! For instance, I can’t wear dresses with spaghetti straps that don’t let me wear a bra. Solution? Buy a strapless bra and enjoy the dress! Many women don’t look good in skinny jeans, especially if they’re curvier than the jean allows for. NOBODY looks good if their muffin top is on display-or if their butt is too flat to fill out the back. We are all beautiful and should be proud of that, but your style choices should enhance your beauty, not lessen it. I tried the skinny jeans on and they made me look like I was smuggling packs of hot dogs on my thighs and hips. Solution? I buy either straight or boot cut jeans that are more forgiving and if I really want skinnies, I have my tailor taper them in. That way they suit ME, rather than my suiting them. Or embrace the boyfriend denim look and wear a pair that’s relaxed and cool looking

Inspired Legging Style

Inspired Legging Style

Shauna Chic Over 50

Shauna Chic Over 50

Boyfriend Jeans from H&M

Boyfriend Jeans from H&M

I see this mindless devotion to trends so often-and I’ve actually had clients who will say “please make me look like so-and-so.” I explain ( very politely ) that Jennifer Aniston doesn’t wear those gorgeous heels to walk the dog and trip over cobblestones in the Forum Shoppes. Try the chunky heels that are so popular, or embrace the adorable flats available now-you’ll feel better and look, and be, more comfortable . Of course, every once in a while the heels come out and look AWESOME but the everyday shoes are not as limiting. If your bust is larger than a swimsuit model’s, look at tankinis or one pieces; maybe not as trendy as maillots but you won’t get the weird tan lines-or feel self conscious-so you look, and are, more comfortable. Wear jewelry with your suit, add a dynamite cover up and you can look just as chic as your fave celebrity.


Again, let me stress that fashion only exists to be adapted to you. The runway shows, magazine layouts and TV programs are inspiration, not obligation. By all means wear a cute logo T shirt but buy it in your size, not the XS the model is wearing, and realize that your top half will look different-but can be equally attractive. Also, spandex is a privilege, not a right, and should be evaluated in terms of what flatters you. By all means wear leggings but buy them in YOUR size and consider whether that cropped top works on you or if you’re just following the leader. There’s a world of choices out there-choose to be YOU! And remember, “trend” is today but “style” is forever!

*Credit to Sir Elton John for all the inspiring lyrics!