Valentine’s Saved! - part II

Ever since I saw an article about what Kate Middleton is wearing for Valentines Day, I’ve been thinking about outfits and gifts.  I blogged on it last week but I thought it would be fun to talk about it from a different perspective, namely, what do we DO to celebrate?  Kate and Prince William have to go to a ball, but if you weren’t invited ( and I don’t know why I wasn’t- I would have flown over for it! ) you might need some more ideas.  What does a style savvy lady ( or gentleman; I’m not a sexist! ) do to make Valentines Day special?

First, where do you go?  Do you give your beloved a spa day?  Do you go away for a lovers weekend, perhaps to Cabo to catch the sun, or Sun Valley to ski, or do you stay in and cook an exotic meal ( of course, wearing an apron.  Just an apron! ).  Let’s just suppose, though, that you’re staying in town and going out for a special dinner.  What do you wear, assuming that you’re not Kate Middleton with her awe-inspiring wardrobe?  

Our style savvy sisters know that this is an occasion to go all out and WOW your partner.  Saks Fifth Avenue had a lovely display of red options, from lacy dresses to velvet slacks.  I would personally suggest either a short dress or a cropped pants silhouette, since they put your FABULOUS shoes on better display than a full length piece.  I saw two beautiful dresses, an Elie Tahari and a Halston Heritage on line at unusual and yet easily wearable.  If you get cold or simply don’t prefer sleeveless styles, try a pashmina or faux fur bolero jacket.  And of course, those AMAZING shoes......those Christian Louboutin Hot Chick Scallop pumps in a perfect pink from Nordstom - AWESOME!!!

What about a gift?  Obviously I would offer a Style Savvy gift certificate, which appeals to men AND women.  If ( for some reason ) you want to give a tangible present, I had some fun ideas in last weeks blog.  To give you a few more, in Dillards I saw a great Brahmin handbag in red stamped leather.  In, I found a beautiful pair of ladies’ evening sandals by Barneys ( and therefore less expensive! ) in black suede and PVC.  Don’t want to give your significant other an especially personal gift?  Michael Aram makes pewter or silver picture frames; I gave my best friend a pair of them and she LOVES them.  Ties and cologne are so predictable......I’d suggest a cozy robe or a series of lessons on your special man’s favorite musical instrument.  Try a cooking lesson.  Try a favorite rock band’s graphic t-shirt and a CD from the same band.  Text me or call-I’ve got many more thoughts to share!

So now you have no reason to skip V-day.  And no chance to forget it!  Whether you go with a classic gift idea or a novel and modern one, you’re all set. Enjoy the holiday, knowing you’ve got it covered.  And always remember, “trend is today, but style is forever”!

So now you have NO REASON to miss V-day!