Finding that FIT!

Hello again, Style Savvy fans!

One question that Style Savvy clients ask frequently is “what is the most important consideration in being stylish?”  They want to know if style can be “achieved” or bought. Although dressing stylishly involves many different components, I have found that the most vital aspect is FIT.



Style doesn’t come from spending lots of money or from being consistently on-trend.  You can dress, piece for piece, exactly as the models in Vogue do without capturing the true elements of style.  What really makes a man or woman stylish is the way their clothes express  them, because when you feel comfortable and relaxed, you look that way too.

At Style Savvy, we don’t care how much money you spend.  I can take a $20 T shirt and make it look better on a client than it’s $200 counterpart.  It requires care and attention.  

Ever wonder how a supermodel makes a T shirt look so RIGHT, while you just feel as if you fade into the crowd?  Let’s take a look at what is done to make that model’s T express her so well.


You can’t take that T shirt right out of the package and have it look perfect.  So, the first things I do are wash it, hang it to dry and then iron it thoroughly.  Now you’ve got the stylist’s equivalent of a blank canvas.  Next, try it on and assess it through that stylist’s eyes for size, neckline and length.

It’s always better to buy larger sizes if in doubt-you can alter a piece by making it smaller much more easily than making it larger.  Next, look at the neckline.  Do you look better in V necks than in crew necks?  Is a deep U more flattering than a boatneck?  If you bought the T with those answers in mind, you’re a step ahead already!

V-Neck T-Shirt.JPG

Now look at the length.  Are you going to wear it tucked or untucked?  If the response is “tucked”, length is not an issue but untucked means finding the correct length for YOU.  What is most flattering?  Do you want it to be hip length, crotch length, ( sorry, I’ve never found a good synonym for “crotch”!) or somewhere in between in order to give yourself the best silhouette?  

Next, take it in to be altered.  That may require doing some research into good, cost effective tailors.  When you take the garment to the tailor, he/she may give you some guidance but it’s best to know what you want done in advance.

Get that shirt to a tailor!

Get that shirt to a tailor!

When you get your piece back, I’d advise you to iron it again so that it’s nice and crisp.  And NOW you have a $20 T which required $20 of alterations to look like it was designed for you!

Get your iron out for that final touch!

Get your iron out for that final touch!

Is this too much work?  It’s a lot but it’s worth it.  Can you do this for every article of clothing you buy?  Perhaps that’s too time intensive but you can certainly do it with pants and Ts and any other special items.  And this is THE essential element of style.  Now you have pieces that are flattering and comfortable-and you will look stylish wearing them.  I can’t guarantee the supermodel paycheck, but you’ll feel great!  And, by extension, look great!  Just remember, “trend” is today but “style” is forever!