Is your wardrobe a pill........or a capsule?

Have you ever envied those who wear uniforms, if only because they make getting packed for a trip so much easier?  Well, here's a way to capitalize on the uniform idea, without taking the fun and spontaneity out of dressing.  It's the capsule wardrobe and it's popularity is growing daily because of its ease and versatility.  And here's how to do it!

The key to capsule packing is sticking with no more than three color combos and two accent colors.  For example, take a pair of boyfriend jeans and a black pencil skirt.  Add a white button down and a short and long sleeved white T.  That's already 6 outfits out of two color combos. Now pick a favorite color, like, say, red.  Add it in the form of a red silky blouse that you can wear with the jeans or the skirt and also layered over the Ts.  That's 10 outfits out of 6 pieces.  But wait!  With one more colored bottom piece, such as a pair of white capris, we can expand that to 14 ensembles!  With one more color, like a khaki motor jacket, you've got 28!!!!  And with a scarf that combines the colors you can pep up any of those  and show off your own personal style!  But wait, I hear you say, you don't have shoes!  True-and with only two pairs of shoes, you double your choices again........perhaps with a pair of black pumps and a multi-hued espadrille, or nude pumps and a white sneaker.  This doesn't even include what happens when we add in the really light items to pack, like hoop earrings and a chunky white bracelet.  See how easy packing can be.......that's clothing for WEEKS with only 9 pieces and two pairs of shoes!

Adjust this to your favorite colors or add in a few additional pieces if you have room, but stick with your color palette.  You'll be amazed at how much easier it is to pack when you do, proving yet again that "trend is today, but style is forever"!!!!