La Dolce Vita - Armani Style


The reason I haven't blogged sooner on today's subject is that I'm still getting over myself.  On Friday, I got to meet, and have a client fitted by Andrea Perulli.  For those of you who don't know the name, Mr. Perulli (or Signore Perulli, as I tried to call him) is Giorgio Armani's lead stylist and number two man in Mr. Armani 's company.  This is my version of an audience with the Pope!!!!

I got the invitation from my friend Billie, who is THE person to see at Giorgio Armani in the Bellagio.  The invite was for me and my client Dannie, who is a perfect build and height for Armani and has bought many items there.  After I lifted my jaw off the floor and redeveloped the power of speech, I spent the next week figuring out what to wear, how to say "it's an honor" in Italian and texting Billie with nonstop questions about Signore Perulli's schedule to set up dates and times.  ( After all, the last time Signore Perulli was in the States it was to fit Leonardo DiCaprio for his Oscar tux!)  I couldn't stop jabbering about it, telling everyone ( those people in the elevator at Nordstrom couldn't WAIT to get off!) and dreaming of the beautiful pieces we were going to see.

Mr. Perulli turned out to be the sweetest, most gentlemanly and down-to-earth celebrity I've ever met.  Within five minutes it was "I'm Andrea" ( which I COULDNT bring myself to say!) and he had my client in a shirt, jacket, scarf combo that looked as if it had been made with him in mind.  Then he replaced the shirt with a T that changed the entire look to urban casual and suited Dannie just as well.  OMG, I could go on and on-except that later he brought out a jacket and scarf for ME!  I thought "that's not my color" until he placed it on me and I thought I'd died and gone to closet heaven!!!  What an eye-my hair and eyes popped, my body instantly looked a size smaller and I fell in love-with an Armani jacket and Signore Perulli!

I've never had the experience of being fitted by a designer's personal stylist and neither had Dannie.  Needless to say, I was doing some very quick math!  Dannie bought his favorite of the pieces and that jacket and scarf WILL be mine!  I learned an enormous amount from Signore Perulli but the most important thing?  Realizing once again that "'trend' is today but 'style' is forever!