A Great Four Letter Word

My dear readers, I have to confess that I have a favorite four letter word......and it's SALE. Whether it's preceded by the word SHOE, or HANDBAG, or almost anything else (except for stuff like TIRE.....), SALE spells POSSIBILITIES, which are always exciting!


We all know about the big sales, like holidays and 1/2 yearly, etc.  but many of you may not know about the online sales that allow us to shop in our pjs with no makeup on and no dealing with overworked, over-attituded salespeople.  So, wow, do I have a tip for you all today!

Go to fashionista.com.  They have a list of 31, yes, 31 online sales in effect this weekend.  Some of my favorite sites are doing percentages off, free shipping and new stuff.  But they're only going on today and for the weekend, so get to your computers!  You may pick up great classics, superb basics or accessories to make an outfit really pop but whatever you find that you can't live without, remember the rule......."'trend' is today, but 'style' is forever"!!!!