Be like . . .

You know that meme that's running wild on Facebook encouraging you to "Be like ......."?  Well, mine would be......

This is Charissa.

Charissa was looking for a wardrobe update.

Charissa found Lindsay and began dressing to flatter her figure.

Charissa looks like a million bucks.

Be like Charissa.

In what I HOPE will be the first of a series, I did before and after shots of Charissa.  Before she looked like an average young woman, unconcerned or not sure of how to dress her body to maximize her assets.  BUT THEN.  I put her in a close fitting black cotton shirt which emphasized her waist, a pair of heels which elongated her legs and some accessories which flattered her and finished the look.  The ensemble is classic, easy to wear and can be dressed up or down by the accessories, as you can see.  

The earrings are by Dannijo, the bag is a Stella McCartney and the chain is from JewelMint.  

Charissa is smart and called Lindsay.

Be like Charissa.