When To Save and When To Splurge

There you are, in a store in Fashion Show Mall, confronting every woman's dilemma........"Is this worth it?"


Believe it or not, there are easy tests to determine the answer to this.  The first is cost per wearing.  What that basically boils down to is how often ARE you going to wear it?  The black pumps that are classic enough for the office but sexy enough to go on a date are going to get worn, let's say, 3 days per week.  That's 156 times a year, so if you spend $450 on them, that's less than $3 per wearing.  If, instead, you buy the less expensive version at $159, chances are good that they'll A) hurt your feet, B) have to be repaired/replaced two or three times.  When they hurt you won't reach for them and they'll spend a lot of down time at Green Valley Shoe Repair.  (Truth and product placement in one sentence-yea, Me!) So-you wear them less with higher maintenance and replacement costs and the cost per wearing is actually higher than the more expensive version! 


The other test is more subjective.  It's called......"How much do you love me?".  That Kate Spade bag that you adore is going to give you a lot more pleasure than the Le Sportsac your mom is pushing you towards.  The Kate Spade is classy, the color is perfect for a large majority of your wardrobe and you just plain love it.  How does that stack up against a bag you're almost embarrassed to carry?  

The last test is "Which looks expensive and classic versus which looks cheap and plastic?"  Bags and shoes can make any outfit look elegant.  Putting those $450 pumps with either jeans or black slacks makes them look classy, whereas pairing those pants with a cheap bag and shoes brings the whole outfit down.  So do yourself a favor.  Do the math.  Take the tests.  But when all is said and done, remember the immortal words of Coco Chanel........"Trend is today, style is forever"!