Lip Service

Hands up if your lips get chapped in the winter dryness!  (I don't believe you if you say they don't).  And put up the other hand if you lick them constantly!  We know these are bad habits but it's hard to stop, so I thought I'd give you a couple of things to try and hope they help.

1.  ALWAYS keep your lips covered in lip balm, lip gloss or emollient lipstick.  That helps seal in moisture and protect against tissue drying.

2.  NEVER LICK YOUR LIPS.  This eats off the protectant you were so good about applying.

3.  NEVER go to bed without a thick covering of lip balm.  Nighttime is when skin regenerates without the stress of the day.  Rosebud salve is good but the best I've ever found is handmade by Maria Monteiro at Pure Liquid Skin Studio on Horizon Ridge.  Hers is all natural and safe enough for a baby but it WORKS!

4.  If you don't have lip balm, use eye cream.  Eye tissue is the same skin as lip and eye cream works marvelously!

And last but not least, keep a lip balm with you at all times.  After you eat, apply a thin coat, wait a few minutes and rub it off with a Kleenex. This will remove any dead skin and leftover lipstick and make reapplying much smoother!!!

Remember, ladies and gentlemen, chapped lips are a turn off!   Keep them moist and kissable with tried and true methods, because trend is today, but style is forever!