Is your wardrobe a pill........or a capsule?

Have you ever envied those who wear uniforms, if only because they make getting packed for a trip so much easier?  Well, here's a way to capitalize on the uniform idea, without taking the fun and spontaneity out of dressing.  It's the capsule wardrobe and it's popularity is growing daily because of its ease and versatility.  And here's how to do it!

The key to capsule packing is sticking with no more than three color combos and two accent colors.  For example, take a pair of boyfriend jeans and a black pencil skirt.  Add a white button down and a short and long sleeved white T.  That's already 6 outfits out of two color combos. Now pick a favorite color, like, say, red.  Add it in the form of a red silky blouse that you can wear with the jeans or the skirt and also layered over the Ts.  That's 10 outfits out of 6 pieces.  But wait!  With one more colored bottom piece, such as a pair of white capris, we can expand that to 14 ensembles!  With one more color, like a khaki motor jacket, you've got 28!!!!  And with a scarf that combines the colors you can pep up any of those  and show off your own personal style!  But wait, I hear you say, you don't have shoes!  True-and with only two pairs of shoes, you double your choices again........perhaps with a pair of black pumps and a multi-hued espadrille, or nude pumps and a white sneaker.  This doesn't even include what happens when we add in the really light items to pack, like hoop earrings and a chunky white bracelet.  See how easy packing can be.......that's clothing for WEEKS with only 9 pieces and two pairs of shoes!

Adjust this to your favorite colors or add in a few additional pieces if you have room, but stick with your color palette.  You'll be amazed at how much easier it is to pack when you do, proving yet again that "trend is today, but style is forever"!!!!

Bloguration - Fashion Edition

Forget politics.  It’s time to discuss the only truly important thing about the weekend of January 20th - the clothes!  Whatever your political stance, you have to admit that the Trump women looked pretty dang good that weekend!  Now, it’s not that I’m envious or anything, but Melania and Ivanka both wore dresses that I would cheerfully exchange body parts for.   Both of them obviously know their style and their bodies perfectly and choose clothes that flatter and fit flawlessly (how’s that for alliteration!)  and are chic, timeless and classic.  The next time I’m invited to a ball, or an inauguration (I know, I couldn’t believe I wasn’t invited either!)  I’ll be sitting with Melania and Ivanka because they’ll make me look good!!!!!

The Inaugural Balls were THE place for the First Lady and the First Daughter to shine. 


Melania wore an ivory column gown by Herve Pierre, who used to design for Carolina Herrera and in this instance, was co-designing with Mrs. Trump herself.  I guess former supermodels learn more than how to walk and wear designer!  Anyway, that ivory gown was to die for!  Of course it was perfectly fitted, of course it was a perfect color.  It was also simple, elegant and cooly feminine.  (Am I gushing?  Sorry, can’t help myself!) 


Ivanka, on the other hand, looked like every little girl’s image of a princess in a champagne and crystal ball gown by Carolina Herrera.  They were both the perfect foils to the menfolk who wore classic black tuxedos. 


In contrast, the inauguration itself saw a different spin on fashion, when both Trump ladies wore monochrome outfits - Melania in a perfect ice blue Ralph Lauren dress, bolero jacket, gloves and pumps and Ivanka in a white Oscar de la Renta pantsuit. 


That may have been the only fashion miss of the weekend - I didn’t like Ivanka’s long coat.  It buttoned under the bust and, I thought, pulled when she moved.  Anybody else think so?   But, as far as Melania’s“Jackie Kennedy-esque”  outfit, this is the quintessential argument of style over trend.   Jackie Kennedy wore monochromatic coat/dress combos 50 YEARS AGO!!!!  And we’re still talking about them!!!!!  Obviously Mrs. Trump is not jumping on a trend here! 


And speaking of style over trend, could anything have been more stylish than Mrs. Trump’s Reem Acra gown from the Candlelight Dinner?  Will a perfectly cut, form-fitting dress in a neutral metallic fabric ever NOT be in style?  Put a perfect body in it and you’ve got a look that transcends trend and yet never goes out of fashion.

So, did I have a point to all this raving?  Yup.  It’s simple.  “Trend” is today but “style” is forever!

Leggings - They Never Went Away - Yay!

Well, favorite readers, Thanksgiving is over and even my leftovers are finished!  Hope yours are too, because Christmas cookies are about to make an appearance and the fudge, prime rib, goose and cakes are right behind!  So how do we get through the Christmas party season stylishly but with some degree of comfort?  The answer is one hyper-trendy but totally stylish word-LEGGINGS!

 Free People Chenille Leggings

Free People Chenille Leggings

Yes, I know.  You thought leggings were gone, never to return.  But I gotta tell ya, leggings are very much "in" now and they are everywhere!  The difference between then and now?  The old style had you wearing black leggings with a patterned sweater.  On trend now?  Patterned leggings with a solid sweater or tunic.  And these patterns are IDEAL for holiday parties, because they are being shown in metallics, animal prints and bold color combos sure to make you feel, and look, festive!  

 Free People Byzantine Sweater Leggings

Free People Byzantine Sweater Leggings

Leggings go perfectly with today's ankle boots but for fun, try them with your over-the-knee boots!  Keep the sweater simple and go for the gusto of big hoops or statement earrings.  Looking fab AND wearing an elasticized waist?  It doesn't get any more comfortable or fun!  So wow your party pals with your great outfit, all the while knowing that you have "room" to indulge!  And remember......"trend is today, but style is forever"!!!!

 Spanx Faux Leather Leggings at Nordstrom

Spanx Faux Leather Leggings at Nordstrom

 Metallic Print Leggings

Metallic Print Leggings

 Chictopia Suede Leggings

Chictopia Suede Leggings

 Zara Metallic Leggings

Zara Metallic Leggings

Girl Crush!

OK, I admit it. I have a girl crush. On Amal Clooney. In my next life I want to live in her closet. The woman has the perfect body for clothes, perfect taste (she NEVER looks over or under dressed) and her own style which helps her carry off a variety of looks from Giambattista Valli to Chanel without looking like she’s copying anybody. Her choices are classic but on trend and her accessories are perfect complements. Who wouldn’t have a style crush?

 Amal - Flawless as Usual

Amal - Flawless as Usual

Of course it never hurts to have the money to buy designer originals.  (That’s something else I’m counting on in my next life.)  But her STYLE is what attracts people.  She keeps her hair and makeup simple but polished and never uses accessories to overwhelm an  outfit.  In fact, if you look closely, there’s only ever ONE focal point of her look - either the outfit or the shoes or the bag provide a pop of color and trend but she NEVER goes head-to-toe trendy and she never uses color to detract from her outfit - only add to it.


  Although this is hard to imagine doing on a limited budget, take a page from Amal’s (see, we’re on a first name basis already) playbook and choose an outfit that fits perfectly (that’s what tailors are for!!!) and flatters your best features.  Next, make sure the color is flattering to your face.  Then choose accessories that accent the look without calling attention away from it, such as a neutral bag and shoes or one which picks up the colors in the outfit.  Then choose jewelry the same way - colorful if your outfit is neutral, neutral and understated if your outfit is full of detail.  You’ll find that it’s easier than you think - and more fun.  Take my advice.  Channel your inner Amal.

Trend Alert - Cropped Flared Jeans. Do We Dare Flare?

There was a new trend coming down the runways this spring-cropped flared jeans and pants.  You've seen the look.....regular flared jeans that stop about four inches above the ankle.  Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, your stylist has two words for this trend-DON'T BOTHER!

 M.i.h Jeans  Lou Cropped Flare Jeans

M.i.h Jeans
Lou Cropped Flare Jeans

To use a highly technical term, this trend is just dorky.  Even on supermodels this one looks WRONG.  The pants start to flare around the middle of the calf and no shoe can make them look like anything but high-waters.  Most women just look like they're wearing their daughter's ( their 5 inches shorter daughter's) jeans.  At best they look awkward; at worst, dumpy and ridiculous.  They violate every fashion mantra I've ever HEARD, much less used.......they make you look short, clumsy and poorly fitted, and oddly like a little Vietnamese refugee.  ( Are ya getting the idea?  I don't like them !)


Hopefully this is a trend that will come and go sooner than a Dairy Queen milkshake, but it perfectly illustrates my point when I paraphrase Mlle. Coco Chanel, saying "'Trend' is today, but 'style' is forever"!!!!