Personal Shopping

Did you think only stars need or can afford a stylist? Not true. Anyone can afford this service. Hate shopping? Love to shop but have no time? Tired of shopping with girlfriends who KNOW what you should buy?  Overwhelmed by choices and whatever is on the cover of the latest “In Style”?

We can shop WITH you, to show you what mistakes NOT to make. We’ll teach you how to shop as a stylist would, with an eye for value and timelessness.  Or, if money is no object, we can show you what trends will flatter “YOU”. We can shop FOR you, so that you don’t have to spend your valuable time. We’ll bring the clothes to your home, where you try them on at your leisure and we’ll return what doesn’t work.

Either way, we’ll make your life easier. You’ll look fabulous – with a lot less work!!!

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